Trace Your PAN Card Status Online

Pan Card Status Online

In this article we will let you know about the detailed information about how to trace your pan card status online. Pan card is a very important card for the person who is eligible to pay tax. Pan card holder can check pay their tax online through this unique ID. This card contains a unique ID which is registered in the tax department of India. With this unique Pan no you can also check your account details and other information.

This is how pan card is a very important document for everyone. But what if you have lost your Pan card and applied for the duplicate Pan Card or want to reprint your Pan and still you don’t get it. If you have already registered for new Pan Card you can easily check the Pan Card status through its registered website. We will provide you the complete information about how to trace and identify how far the process is completed and when you will get Pan Card.


How to Search Pan Card Status

You must have your acknowledgement no with you when you are going to trace the Pan Card status. When you registered for the new Pan card you will be given the receipt and the number reflects on it is your acknowledgement no. This is a proof that you have applied for Pan Card and you can proceed for the Pan Card status inquiry. Now let’s check the process.

  • First log in to its registered website.
  • Now here click on the link of Pan Card status.
  • Next page will open where you need to fill up the required details.
  • First enter your acknowledgement no.
  • Your name and date of birth, which you entered in the Pan card enrollment form.
  • Once you complete with it click on submit button.

Within a fraction of seconds you will be able to get the information about Pan Card status. If you don’t have acknowledgement no, still you can find it through entering your name and date of birth you entered in registration form. This will also give you the information about if any document is pending, so that you can submit it and get the Pan card as soon as possible.