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Download BusyBox Apk for Android

BusyBox Apk for Android

BusyBox is an app that created for Android. It is essential in order to use a lot of other apps that require you have a rooted phone. BusyBox gives you is a set of UNIX tools that will run-in the background every time they are needed.

Smart install feature, the ability to hand pick the applets you want, safety check for missing applets on starts. In other words, the idea is to have busybox installed on your phone without worrying about it so it can work for you everytime it’s needed. Let’s Dive to know the features.


About: BusyBox for Android

BusyBox is considered as fastest, most reliable application and preferred installer on uninstaller for android. When you have rooted system, you then will likely need busybox, in a single form or another. It is little application made to work specifically with the Linux kernel, which means that it’s a perfect fit for cellular devices.

Basically, BusyBox app gives customers a whole set, with the essential resource such as file utils, shell utils, and so forth. It’s built to assist limited resources, which make it ideal for Android Smartphone.


Features: BusyBox for Android

  • Material design.
  • Latest BusyBox.
  • Create flashable ZIP.
  • One-click installs or installs in recovery.
  • Run, create and edit shell script.
  • This is the only installer which is ad-free.

Additional Features

  • Fixes download errors.
  • Updated third-party library.
  • Fix crash when opening scripts.

Installation steps for BusyBox

For Installing busybox you need a rooted phone. And for begin installation you need an internet connection so connect your device with internet connection first and follow the below steps:

  1. Open Google Play Store on your device.
  2. Search “busybox” in Play Store.
  3. There are so many options chose BusyBox from that.
  4. Press on install and choose the location as “/system/xbin”.
  5. Now you need to click on install button which is the bottom of the screen.
  6. This will install on your device.
  7. After installation complete, restart your device And also download using Bluestacks 3 Emulator.


BusyBox enables you to some additional UNIX commands line operation on your device which lets you dig deeper into root level action in your device. If you need to explore features on your device or if you love playing with technical things around, then BusyBox app needed you. Download the application and start experimenting advanced action on go.


Parallel Space: parallel space app download free

In this app, you can run multiple accounts on your Android phone at the same time. the application works with different data if data interface each other than an error occurs. It is a very simple app to operate than you expect. The application has its own 2MB memory so one can hide their personal data in it. Shuttle Music Player is an interesting application and very useful for listen to free music. There are some interesting and different features of this app that works very well are mentioned below.

Features of Parallel Space

  • A unique feature of the app is that two accounts can be work simultaneously on your Android phone, by swiping and switching it.
  • The app is powerful yet with 2MB memory space.
  • Messenger app works in Parallel Space to stay connected with the friends from another account.
  • To play the game with another account creates a duplicate account in the Parallel Space.
  • Parallel Space doesn’t support all the apps from Google Play; you have to check it by yourself.

How to download Parallel Space?

  • First of all download the APK file of SCR Pro for Android.
  • Once the download complete remember that this is third party installation so you have to enable Unknown Sources.
  • Now go to Setting > Security > enable the “Unknown Sources” on your device.
  • Tap on the installed file to complete the download. Select INSTALL.
  • A notification will appear on your notification bar after downloading has been completed.
  • After then start using the app, it will appear on your home-screen after downloaded complete.

Parallel Space is the first application that can work with multiple accounts. It can run multiple accounts as well as the game also, but it requires different data same included data app will not run properly in Parallel Space. Parallel Space app was become very popular due to its work and interesting feature.

9 Best Android Emulators for PC

Android emulator is the best available option for converting android applications into PC. It is a best suitable option for downloading android games and social networking sites into Windows 7/8/10 or XP computer. We have mentioned top 9 android emulators here. All are user friendly and supports every operating system. Please check the 9 emulators one by one.



Bluestacks is the best android emulator amongst all the popular emulator software. Bluestacks offline installer is free to download from Google store. No matter you are planning to download movie hd or android social apps, all can be easily installed into personal computer via bluestacks.


Andy Emulators

Andy is also launched as android emulator software. After bluestacks Andy is acknowledged as the best android emulator to run android applications in PC. This works best for all types of operating systems.  It is best suited for downloading android games. Besides this it is also used to install android apps.


AMIDuOS is works best in downloading android applications in windows 7/ 8 and 10. It gives you full android experience in PC. It supports windows hardware and allows storage and file sharing between windows and Android.


Genymotion is the best android emulator that builds a strong network between android apps and windows computers. Many development tools and unique features are available in this emulator with price. Free version is also available to download the android apps in PC.


Nox Emulator

Nox is an advanced android emulator available to use free of cost. The installation of NOX in PC is easy and you can enjoy the unlimited fun of downloading android applications in PC through this wonderful NOX player.

KO Player

If you really want to enjoy playing android games in HD screens of computer, tutuapp free is the best supportive android emulator for this. KO emulator in-built crisp picture quality enables you to give the real time experience of playing game.

Droid Box

Droid Box has the same features of above mentioned emulators. It has a rapid browsing speed designed for the real power.

Here are the top listed android emulators to make your PC a smart computer.