Muriatic acid is popularly known as Hydrochloric acid. It is known for its strong pungent smell of gastric acid presents in HCL. Muriatic or HCL is present in the human body, especially in stomach. It is a prime chemical raises the ph of the stomach to protect the body against bad microorganisms. It is a most important compound used to utilize the proteins in the body. However the toxic HCL presents outside which is used in various types of large scale and small scale industries. The direct contact of this acid to skin can harm to skin. In this article we are going to show you the muriatic acid uses in various places.

Hydrochloric acid

HCL Uses

Used for Rust Removal

It is highly corrosive mineral acid used to remove rust from metal or aluminum surface. It can cure the tough stains on metals like copper, aluminum, iron and junk. In metal manufacturing this is used as the best junk removal.

Use for Masonary

Painting Masonary is not a subject of couple of seconds. It is a round shaped so sometimes paint doesn’t stick to the round surface. So muriatic acid is used neutralize the alkalinity of masonary and makes masonary rough. Thus it helps to paint adhesion.

Cleaning Ceramic Tiles

Muriatic acid is best stain removal or junk removal for the floor tiles or bathroom tiles. But the concentration of HCL should be one %and water concentration should be 9%. Thus toxicity of HCL becomes less and it can be used in housecleaning agent. Caution first wear the gloves and mask before using this chemical. It is acidic can cause skin burning, nausea and eye-itching.

Used to Remove Mineral Deposits

Muriatic acid is an important source to clean the mineral deposits of bathroom tiles and floors. It reacts fast to remove the stubborn minerals deposited in tiles and to fill the grout in between the tiles. It is also good at cleaning clogged drain pipes.

But keep in mind that if there is no option in the end you can boric acid uses. Please keep it away from children, because it might be dangerous to kid’s health.